A guaranteed result

ISO quality control standards are used the world over to instill a system of quality controls and checks to ensure laboratories, manufacturers, and other business practices operating standards at a recognized and trustworthy level. ISO7025 is unique to laboratories and is used to oversee technical DNA processes, records keeping, and other quality sensitive operations at a lab. By achieving this level of certification, you can be sure your DNA testing needs will be met with the most capable and trustworthy laboratory practices.

homeDNAdirect USA knows the importance and life altering effects many DNA test results have upon our clients. We pledge to offer the most accurate DNA testing results available in the market, and make these results available to you in the least amount of time possible.

In addition to offering reliable and accurate DNA testing, we have provided a large amount of information on the DNA testing process and options, how to interpret your results, how to take your DNA samples, and much more via our website. We encourage our clients to familiarize themselves with this information to better understand their DNA testing needs and results.

Our DNA testing process guarantees a complete analysis of 21 genetic markers in order to provide results that go above and beyond doubt. In cases of Paternity DNA Testing, results provide an accuracy of 99.999% when the alleged father is the real biological father (when mother, child and alleged father submit to DNA testing); eliminating any doubt and providing total confidence in the result. In paternity testing cases where only the alleged father and child are available for DNA testing, the laboratory results still carry an accuracy percentage as high as 99.9%. With homeDNAdirect, you can trust your DNA testing needs will be met with the highest level of quality assurance, the latest technology, and the most comprehensive customer service care available.

To learn more about the DNA testing services we provide, see sample DNA testing results, or simply need refer to our frequent DNA testing questions.