DNA profile testing

Collect samples with our user-friendly self sampling home kit and once the samples have been collected, return them for laboratory testing. The cost of a DNA profile for informative purposes is of $119.

Each individual has a unique pattern of DNA much akin to your unique fingerprints. Forensic scientists have in fact coined the term DNA fingerprinting. This unique genetic pattern is the most reliable form of identification that is impossible to forge or lose- therefore, it is invaluable as a legal tool for proving relationships and solving inheritance claims from people posing as heirs.

What purposes does DNA profiling have?

homeDNAdirect offers DNA profiling that can either be used for legal and official purposes or for personal reasons. Standard or personal DNA profiles, unlike legal profiles, do not require a special legal report.

The legal/official DNA profile requires collection by an independent third party such as a Doctor or Nurse who will document the sample collection process using our specific legal collection kit. The legal DNA profile can then be used for multiple purposes including inheritance claims and for legal identification purposes.

Genetic profile test costs and other specifications

The cost of a personal DNA profile for one person starts from only $119. We also offer group discounts if more than one person orders the test. This cost is inclusive of homeDNAdirect’s home sampling kit, the laboratory analysis, as well as the actual DNA report. You will just need to pay for the postage fees to return the samples to the laboratory.

The cost of a legal DNA profile for one person costs only $219. The reason for the difference in cost is mostly due to the fact that the results need to be notarised. Whilst a standard DNA profile can be done at home, a legal DNA profiling kit requires sample collection by a neutral third party. In this way, we can notarise your results which will ensure your results are able to stand in court.

Results of this DNA test will be sent to you by email in just 3-5 working days following receipt of samples at our laboratory.

If you are in a hurry why not take advantage of our express delivery option? You will receive your result in just 2 working days starting from when we receive the samples in our laboratories.

Note: Ordering a DNA Profile does NOT provide any other information related to areas such as health and ancestry. If you want this type of test please see our complete list of DNA tests page.