About our DNA Diet and Healthy Weight Test

When you think about dieting, your first thought is probably a low calorie eating plan and some kind of exercise routine. What if it was much more than that? Well the fact of the matter is that diet and exercise are of course good for you, but your DNA actually plays a huge role in how your body handles such activities and how your body reacts to certain foods and different diets. All we need is a mouth swab sample to give you a detailed report which you can use to help map an improved diet and optimize your food intake. The test starts from only $139 and results are available within 30 to 45 working days!

Begin working to reach your goals today!

The results of this DNA diet and healthy weight test are just what you need to reach and maintain the healthy weight you always wished for. This test looks at 45 different genetic markers that provide you with priceless information about how your unique set of genes influence your weight. The results will include a 100% customised diet that fits your genes as well as an exercise programme that will help you reach your desired healthy weight.



Results give great detail and thoroughly explain all aspects of the findings. You will learn:

  • What foods to eat depending on your genetic makeup; understanding this is important because we don’t all process foods in the same way and we need to understand what foods will accelerate our weight loss goals and those that will slow it down. The results will be the solution to understanding how your body utilises carbohydrates, proteins and fat and adopting a diet that has the right balance of each of these.
  • The levels of macronutrients your body needs: this aspect in turn depends on how well your body absorbs and retains certain nutrients. Your genotype might make you more likely to suffer from a nutrient or vitamin deficiency making your body absorb more food than somebody who does not have your genotype.
  • How does your genetic profile affect your chances of successful weight loss? How do you respond to cardio exercises and how moderate or intensive should your workout be? Do you carry unfavourable genes that will make one type of exercise less effective for you? What is the right balance between muscle training and cardiovascular exercise? Will you achieve better results with resistance training?

The final section of your report includes a custom meal plan by combining a variety of healthy recipes with appropriate micronutrients for your genetic profile. Each recipe includes the number of calories and the total amount of calories you will take in daily following this dietary plan.

Test kit contents

You have just had a glimpse into what results you can get from this diet test, but you still might be asking yourself how it works. Well the test is simple and takes just a few minutes:

Order the test and wait for your kit to arrive in the mail. Your kit will contain 2 mouth swabs. Gently swab the inside of your cheek for 30 seconds and allow them to air dry.

Once the test swabs have dried out put them in the DNA swab envelopes included with your test kit. Next, just place the swabs in our pre-addressed envelope and return them for testing in the laboratory.


Will I need to take the test again as I grow older?

No, you do the test once and the results are relevant for your entire life. Your genetic makeup will remain the same throughout your life. However, you may need to consider factors such as a slower metabolic rate as you age (which means your calories intake will also need to be reduced)

How accurate and reliable are your results?

The science behind the test is a sound one. The interaction between genes and dieting has featured in scientific journals and studies.

However, it is crucial that you understand that although your genetic makeup is directly involved in your weight and wellness, it is not the only determining factor. Your lifestyle, your age, your gender, health, diet and other such factors can all have an impact on the results you achieve when following any diet.

Improve your wellness and lifestyle

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