Develop a Well-Rounded Nutrition Plan

When you order a Food Suggestion Report for just $39 you will receive a list of specific food brands and recipes that, when possible, exclude any allergens that your Dog has a “Strong Intolerance” to. When possible, ingredients identified as a “Mild Intolerance” will be excluded as well. The result is a well-rounded nutrition plan for your dog to help them live their best life!

Our Consultant – Miranda Rochol

To provide a more comprehensive journey in helping your beloved pet, we have teamed up with consultant Miranda Rochol from Energize Paws who will bring you personalized advice for your pet’s dietary needs.

Miranda is part of Energize Paws, a passionate team of dog lovers dedicated to providing the best quality product and support to pet parents and their pets. She uses her education and extensive experience in the Pharmaceutical and Health Care Management industry to ensure ingredients of foods/treats/supplements will be optimal for the pet based on subjective/objective “symptoms.” She does not take for granted the industry standards but is constantly researching to increase her knowledge as the industry evolves.

The Process

To get started you will need fill in your Pet Profile Form and submit your pet’s information. This will enable the team to prepare your file with the preliminary information they require. Once the testing is complete, send your results to Miranda via email so she can review and prepare the food report.

Once your results have been reviewed, your pet portal will be updated with the following information:


    • A recap of allergens.
    • Suggested brands & specific recipes for each brand.
    • URLs for you to purchase the food.
    • Potentially some supplements that might provide extra support.

Results normally take between 3-5 working days. A link and password will be sent to you by Miranda to view your report.

Order Your Food Suggestion Report – only $39

You can order your Food Suggestion Report at any time during your testing journey and beyond. So, if you have ordered your dog allergy test but did not order your food suggestion report, you can still order the report separately. You can now online and please make sure to include your case reference number so we can identify your case. If you have any difficulties just contact our Customer Care and they will assist you.

We hope you enjoy our service and best of luck with improving the health of your pet!