Dog Intolerance Test

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Did you know that your dog may suffer from food and non-food intolerances that could be the cause of some symptoms that are affecting his quality of life? Find out what could be causing these discomforts with the Dog Intolerance Test for only $69!

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KnowYourDog Genetic & Breed Test

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This test provides valuable genetic information about your dog for pet owners, veterinarians and breeders. Learn more about breeds, physical traits and genetic diseases with the KnowYourDog Genetic & Breed Test!

Dog Parentage Test

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Do you know which dog sired the litter of puppies? Could there be multiple sires involved? Thanks to our dog parentage testing service you can find out whether the sire tested is the biological father of the litter in question. Get proof of parentage with a canine parentage test. Results are 99.9% accurate.

Food Suggestion Report

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Is your furry friend showing symptoms such as dull fur, unbridled energy, or digestive woes? Do you dream of seeing them bounding with joy, full of life and vitality? You need the Food Suggestion Report, the ultimate recipe for canine wellness! NOTE: : This report is a complement of the Home DNA Dog Intolerance Test. , you can buy them together now and if you already have the intolerance results you can buy the Food Suggestion Report indicating your case reference number. This report is only available in: United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland.

Dog Inherited Disease & Trait Test

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homeDNAdirect is your Animal DNA Testing provider offering accurate and reliable canine inherited disease testing services. The health of your dog is of paramount importance and inherited disease testing can be an important move towards ensuring stronger and healthier dogs.