Maternity test: sample collection

Samples for your maternity test can be collected using the home kit we provide. Inside the kit you will find 4 swabs for the mother and 4 swabs for the child. Swabs just need to be rubbed inside the mouth and under the tongue for 15 seconds and then left to dry. Instructions and forms will be included inside the kit. For a detailed explanation of how samples are collected, click here.

Due to New York State Department of Health regulations, we cannot offer any peace of mind paternity or relationship tests to New York residents. However, we can offer legal paternity and relationship tests in New York. Contact us or click here for more information.

Maternity test results

The maternity test results will show that the alleged mother is the biological mother with a probability of maternity of 99.99%.If she is not the child’s biological mother, the probability of maternity will be 0%.

Reasons for maternity DNA testing

Maternity tests are far less common than paternity tests and are mainly done for the following reasons:

Immigration purposes: In this case, a child might seek to join their mother in a non-native country and the results of an immigration DNA maternity test will actually be required along with other documents. Often the immigration authorities will look favourably at applications and relationship claims which are backed with scientific evidence. Whether you will need an immigration DNA test depends very much on the country you were born in and the country you plan migrating to. Read more about immigration testing.

Adoption – children might wish to confirm whether a person is their biological mother. This is not a common scenario as there are many countries which make it impossible for an adopted child to track down their birth parents. However, in some cases, children or mothers might have suspicions about who their biological child or parent is and may wish to quash these with a DNA test.