mitochondrial DNA test can help establish whether two or more people share a common maternal line. You inherit your MtDNA from your mother and both males and females inherit this DNA but it is only females that can pass it on to their children.

MtDNA testing or mitochondrial DNA testing is very accurate at determining maternal lineage providing results that give you a Yes or No answer. MtDNA is less complex then the nuclear DNA and can only be used for confirming maternal a shared maternal line. While an MtDNA test is highly accurate at confirming whether two people have the same maternal line, it cannot confirm the specific nature of the relationship (that is, whether they share the same mother, grandmother or another common maternal ancestor).

Mitochondrial DNA can easily be collected by means of a simple mouth swab. This is the only DNA test we can carry out with cut hairs as Mitochondrial DNA is actually found in the shaft of the hair.

Cost, ordering your test and turnaround time

The cost of the MtDNA is $399 for the testing of 2 people. Results to the MtDNA test take between 19-21 working days.

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