Cheap paternity testing baffles people because of the connotations of the word cheap; for some, cheap suggests an inferior quality or things being done in a slap dash manner. However, you may wish to follow a few indispensable tips when selecting your DNA testing company.

  • Always look out for the laboratory accreditations. This will tell you the standard of testing you can expect. The international and most recognized accreditation is IS0 17025. These accreditations mean that all testing is carried out following the strictest procedures and employing the most up to date DNA testing methodology.
  • All it takes it takes is a call to see how competent you feel the technical support team employed and trained by the company is.
  • The number of years the paternity testing company has in the field.

The fact that the demand for home paternity testing is big means that the supply for these tests has also grown and thus, many companies have now become established in this area offering a whole range of DNA tests. The increasing competition means that one place these companies compete in is pricing. Do not be put off in anyway by cheap paternity testing as long as you are armed with the knowledge required to select your company.

Some companies can offer cheap DNA testing at ridiculously low prices. However, they may then start slowly adding costs; the cost for the kit or the cost to send the kit out to you. With Legal paternity testing there are always some added costs which the client will incur, such as the collection fee for the doctor required to take your samples; however, with home testing there should be no added fees for the basic test.

Also remember that you are carrying out an at-home paternity DNA test; this means you can collect the DNA samples at your own ease and in the comfort of your own home. This saves considerable costs when compared to having the test done in a private clinic or hospital when you need to make appointment and incur costs for having a doctor swab you mouth to collect the saliva samples.

homeDNAdirect has US offices and accredited US laboratories and thus, is also able to save costs and turnaround time due to these issues. Clients can feel reassured that cheap paternity testing is simply good value for money and testing will not fall anywhere short of expectations.