Paternity DNA tests, relationship DNA tests and genetic health tests: these tests are all done by means of a DNA test home kit which will be sent to you by post. The DNA test kit contains all you need to get the test done although there can be delays which in the vast majority of cases you can avoid.

Why do I need a DNA test home kit?

The DNA testing kit allows you to take DNA samples in the comfort of your own home using simple mouth swabs; in fact, because of this, DNA testing has become much easier and less tedious. Once you have collected the samples by rubbing these swabs in the inside of the mouth, they are ready to be sent back for laboratory analysis. The DNA paternity test kit also contains the necessary instructions to help you take your samples in the most effective manner and moreover, the submission forms which require you to fill in a few basic personal details for each test participant and have each test participant sign for their DNA samples. The kit is sent out to you as soon as you have discussed your test and made your payment.

I have not received my DNA testing kit

When companies send out DNA test home kits they give the choice of having it sent by regular mail or by courier. There is of course an added cost with courier but it will ensure your DNA test kit arrives. Also, if you do not receive it, the kit can easily be tracked by means of its tracking number. The advantage of courier is also that you will receive your kit much more quickly and thus, if you are in a hurry to get the DNA paternity test done, it may be worth considering courier mail.

If the kit is sent to you by regular post you will likely receive it as long as the postal service in your country is dependable. Some countries have very unreliable postal services and thus, there may be a greater chance of the kit getting lost. If the kit does get lost, you may opt to have another kit sent out although you may incur a small added cost for this.

The company has not received my DNA test kit with my DNA samples

Generally, it would be worth considering a form of courier or registered mail to send back samples. By the time you send your samples back, the time frame from receiving the kit to completing the test has already been extended; if the samples get lost then again you may incur the added cost of an extra kit and have to wait once more for a new kit to arrive, re-take your samples, and again send them for testing.

If cross-border testing is involved and people living in different locations are taking part in the same test, the company will need to have the email address of all participants receiving a DNA test home kit. If they do not have a valid e-mail address or have any erros the lab well have received your samples but not have been able to inform you about it.

Rest assured that it is uncommon to have delays with your DNA test home kit; moreover, you are able to forestall such delays happening in most cases.

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