DNA testing for ancestry has really caught on as most of us wish to know more about who our ancestors were and what part of the world they originated from.

This DNA ancestry test is used to give you a sound general overview of your ancestor’s migration patterns and origins. It essentially helps you know your history and takes you back thousands of years. This is often referred to as your geogenetic heritage and it is all written in your genetic makeup.

The ancestral origin test works by comparing the relevant parts of your DNA profile to a very extensive database. The database contains information about a number of studied anthropological groups, the regions they came from and populations. You must bear in mind, that the formal geographical boundaries we know today, the countries and regions and the world map was very different thousands of years ago to how we know it today. The number of anthropological groups and populations and the extent of genetic information in the database depend on the DNA testing company you choose.

Anthropology forms part of the basis for this test- it is essentially the study of humanity and its origins.

The result will provide a high resolution map; your genetic matches will be plotted on this map and will show how strongly related your genes are to certain groups. You can thus, know if your ancestors came from northern Africa or Western Europe or other parts of the globe and their migration patterns. You will also get a very detailed description of all the groups and information as relevant to your ancestry.

DNA ancestry testing makes for a great gift or simply a treat to yourself should you want to learn more about your ancestors.