Dog Poo DNA testing? Who would have ever imagined that DNA testing would have become a weapon to fight the dog mess we see in most cities left by dogs- more importantly, their owners who do not clear up after their dogs and just walk away after their quadruped companion has defecated.

Dog owners in cities such as Tel Aviv, Israel, are being asked to go to the vet clinic to have their dog’s DNA taken. This is not difficult or tedious process as the DNA samples can be collected by rubbing a buccal swab inside the doggy’s mouth without in anyway hurting or causing any distress to the dog. By doing this the city is effectively compiling a database with dog DNA profiles.

When dog dropping are found on the street, pavement, other public or even private spaces, a sample of the poo can be collected and send for dog poop DNA testing. The feces DNA collected can then be compared with the dog DNA profiles in a national database. If there is a match between dog and poo, the owner of the dog will be tracked down and legal action taken; often a fine will be issued.

The DNA database for dogs is not solely a tool for convicting careless, selfish and callous dog owners. It also has a wider scope to help our canine friends.

A dog DNA database can help vets and DNA analysts by doing the following:

  • Study genetic illnesses in dogs.
  • Study canine pedigree.
  • Help identify stray animals and animals who have lost their owner or been stolen.
  • Can become a better substitute for chip identification.

Back to the issue of the poo DNA testing to help convict felons who do not pick up their dog droppings: Some estimates show that 40% of dog owners do not bother cleaning up their dog’s mess. This adds up to millions of tons of dog litter on a daily basis. The test can even be undertaken by residents in a specific condominium with outdoor spaces in which owners and tenants walk their dogs. This would ensure that the common spaces for the enjoyment of everyone who lives in the block are not left peppered with doggy poo.

Dog poo DNA testing is really gaining it appeal; cleaner streets, more conscious citizens and revenue from fines.