It is highly unusual to encounter any issues with your paternity test result however, these may sometimes occur. Paternity testing is extremely accurate and even when any of the below issues do occur, do not worry, the issue of paternity can always be solved.

Well the issue of paternity can always be solved so as long as there are no identical twins involved and so as you are actually carrying out a paternity DNA test with the alleged father, child and mother’s samples. If the alleged fathers are identical twins, their DNA profiles will be exactly the same and thus, either of them could be the biological father- scientists cannot determine which twin. If you are doing a test to solve the issue of paternity but are doing a relationship DNA test (perhaps the father does not want to be tested or is dead), you may not have a conclusive answer to the issue especially as the biological relationship between people taking part gets more distant.

Paternity test Results: here are some issues

My DNA sample has failed: if you have submitted oral swabs (saliva DNA samples) there are the following possibilities. The DNA sample may have been contaminated.

  • Did you wait for an hour after eating or drinking before sample collection time?
  • Did you smoke anything?
  • Did you rub it in the right places and for long enough; the inner cheek and under the tongue?
  • Did you allow the swab to dry? If you didn’t, it may have moulded.
  • Did you use both the oral swabs provided?
  • Could the swabs have been tampered with?

I have not received my DNA test result: how did you agree on receiving the results? Normally DNA test results are sent by email so if you are expecting them by post and have not agreed on this, you may well keep waiting whilst all along they have been lying in your inbox.

Are you the person who has ordered the test? Not all test participants necessarily get a copy of the result. Results are sent to the person who orders and signs for the test. If other parties want a copy, they will have to all agree on this with the company providing the DNA test.

Above are just some points you may want to consider when doing your paternity DNA test. Always be careful to read all instructions and follow the few basic guidelines and all will go very smoothly. Do worry about issues relating to your paternity test result until these arise.

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