Y Chromosome analysis is especially effective in the case where the father is not available of deceased. Testing can be carried out in between male members of the family to check if they are connected through the paternal line or now.

The Y Chromosome is not specific as to determine the type of relationship exists but it can be useful in identifying whether the two male persons tested come from the male lineage. Y Chromosome analysis can be preferred over sibling tests in cases where the two siblings are male and there is question of whether they share the same father or not.

The Y Chromosome

It is only possible to find the Y Chromosome in males, infact they have 23 pairs of XY Chromosomes. The Y Chromosomes’ purpose is to determine the characteristics pertaining to the male sex. The Y Chromosome carries in between 70 – 200 genes whilst the X Chromosome carries around 900 – 1400 genes. Some genes are found in both the X and the Y Chromosome whilst some are specific to the Y Chromosome. The number of genes carried on the Y Chromosome is however lower when compared to the number carried in the X. Certain disorders are linked to the Y Chromosome such as male infertility and testicular disorders.

Y Chromosome Analysis: What can it be used for?

The Y Chromosome test is mostly used to determine if there is a paternal relationship between two males. It is an extremely accurate and conclusive test and can be used in different situations. Any two males who are connected by a direct line can have this test done in order to determine relationship. This can be very useful in many different cases especially in to determine the paternity when the father is deceased. It is most commonly carried out in between Uncle and Nephew but it can also be done in between cousins if their fathers are brother, male siblings and in between Grandfather and Grandson.

When is it not possible to use the Y Chromosome Test:

As the Y Chromosome can be used in many different situations in order to confirm relationship on different occasions, there are certain situations were the Y Chromosome test would not work. If two male siblings are wanting to determine whether they share the same father or not it is imperative to ensure that there is not possibility of involvement of any other male relative to the alleges father (example uncle, grandfather etc). If the question of paternity is in between two males that are related and who possibly have the same Y Chromosome then the two siblings that are being tested would still have the same Y Chromosome. This test cannot be done between male and female participants and it cannot be done with in the case were two male participants are directly descended by a female relative.

Other uses of the Y Chromosome Test

The Y Chromosome can be used is various different types of tests, where identification on a crime scene is required of suspected infidelity is to be determined by testing suspicious stains on under garments for the detection of male presence. The Y Chromosome, like the normal DNA profile, can be extracted from any type of non-standard sample as well as the regular oral swab that is normally submitted. The Y Chromosome is also effective in determining the paternal ancestral origin of a person by comparing the profile to a database.