How the test works

All of us descend from 4 major ancestral groups: European, Indigenous American, East Asian, and Sub Saharan Africa. From which of these groups did you descend? This DNA test is a great way to begin investigating your family roots; the results will reveal your genetic affiliation to the 4 major population groups from which we all descend. For instance, results for a tested individual may be found to have the following ancestry: 75% European; 15% African; 10% Indigenous American ancestry, or the results may show a 100% European ancestry, which means that there would be no ancestral links to the other 3 groups.

Click here to read A Beginner’s Guide to DNA Ancestry Testing which compares the different types of ancestry DNA tests we offer.

Our AncestrybyDNA™ test is priced at $189. Results for this test will take 6 weeks from receipt of samples.

The 4 major groups analysed in your ancestry DNA test

European – a population classification which includes European (Eastern and Western) groups as well as Middle Eastern and South Asian.

African – a population classification which includes people of Sub-Saharan origins (the region of desert located to the South of the Sahara).

East Asian – a population classification which includes Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans besides other groups.

Indigenous American – a population classification which includes Northern, Southern, and Central Indigenous American groups.

Your results

The following is a sample of what your own personalized result will look like. You can note a table report and a bar graph report. The table report shows estimated percentages of your genetic ancestry from the four population groups. The bar graph shows the maximum likelihood estimate of your ancestral mix.



Your Biogeographical Ancestry

This is a Biogeographical Ancestry test which aims to connect your genes to the 4 main populations from which we all descend. These populations are in turn linked to certain geographical regions; hence, this test will highlight your true origins by analyzing your genetic makeup. The percentages you see in your results show your genetic affiliation to one or more of the 4 ancestral groups. Our DNA Ancestry test analyses a total of 144 Ancestry Informative Markers (AIMs). These Ancestry Informative Markers (AIMs) are important determinants of ancestry, helping us evaluate the geographical origins of our ancestors. From a genetic perspective, Ancestry Informative Markers (AIMs) are sets of polymorphisms that appear in substantially different frequencies between populations from different geographical regions of the world. This means that unique polymorphisms are associated with different populations. The test has undergone numerous validation studies and provides sound results that are 95% accurate.

What countries did your ancestors come from?

France? Germany? Korea? What country or city did your ancestors come from? Use our GPS Origins™ test to locate where your DNA formed around 1000 years back. The test will help you delve deep into your family history and providing some very exciting and detailed results.

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