The original case against Amanda Knox hinged on what appeared to be sound DNA testing evidence. Forensic teams appeared to have more than enough evidence to have Knox and her boyfriend convicted of murder. But things have changed: many thought Knox was innocent of Kercher’s murder, others thought she was innocent.

Yesterday night the verdict was read out: Knox and her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito are free. A third person remains in prison, convicted of the murder and sentenced to 16 years- Rudy Guede. It is believed however, that he did not act alone.

So what about the forensic evidence in the case?

DNA forensic evidence in the case has been rubbished. A 145 page document has been issued by experts in Rome that totally shreds to bit any evidence collected by the forensic team. Patrizia Stefanoni, forensic expert who had linked the DNA found on a knife and bra clasp back to Sollecito and Knox, has had her work and competency thrown into question- she defends these accusations saying all protocols required under such circumstances had been respected. It is said she has given evidence in court which was not backed by her laboratory findings. She is to defend her case in subsequent hearing that will focus on DNA evidence. She has assiduously defended herself, stating that the Italian Police are members of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI).

DNA Testing on the Knife

The actually murder weapon used to slit Meredith Kercher’s throat was never found. A knife was found, around 30cm in length and DNA was found on this knife. DNA forensic tests done on the blood found on the blade was matched with Kercher’s DNA profile and DNA traces found on the handle were linked back to Knox. This evidence has been over thrown and rubbished by the group of forensic experts called from Rome who claim that the any traces of DNA were far too minute to give a DNA profile that could be matched to any one person.

Second Piece of Evidence: The Bra Clasp

The bra clasp found in the apartment shared by Knox and Kercher was only found upon a second inspection of the crime scene- 6 weeks later. Not only could this time frame have affected any DNA on the clasp, but footage taken clearly showed forensic experts handling various items in the room with the same gloves and then proceeding to pick up the bra clasp. It has been noted how this would have led to contamination of DNA items touched previous by the forensic team during that inspection. The DNA testing that originally appeared so solid has today been disproved. Amanda Knox leaves for the States and the Kercher family left without answers.

Other horrific cases

Gang rape involving 7 men: DNA testing was court ordered in a Texas case for all 7 men who have been faced with charges of raping an 11 year old girl. However, delays in DNA testing means that the court case has to be postponed till October. The court hearing is taking place in the neighboring town, Liberty.

Ariel Castro and the Cleveland kidnapping: Castro was arrested for kidnapping and raping three women and maintaining them in captivity for more than a decade at his home in Cleveland, Ohio. These three women were kidnapped by Ariel Castro almost 10 years ago when they were under the age of 20 and some were even in their mid-teenage years.