A paternity lawsuit against Justin Bieber hit the tabloids all over the world. Bieber vehemently denied fathering Tristyn Anthony Markhouse, and all of a sudden the lawsuit was quietly dropped by Mariah Yeater and her attorneys. Mariah Yeater versus Justin Beiber paternity suit is yet to be over. The teenage celebrity has agreed to undergo a paternity test and put the question to rest once and forever.

What is paternity test and how does it solve the issue?

Though there are age old methods of blood group testing or blood typing which determine paternity by seeing that child inherited the predicted blood groups from the alleged father. But scientifically the most secure and sure-shot testing of a parent child relationship is DNA paternity test. Unfortunately, blood grouping is not very effective because if you share the same predicted blood group as your father is does not, scientifically confirm he is actually your biological father because in reality, any man with the same blood group could be your dad.

DNA or Deoxyribonucleic Acid is present in all somatic cells of the body. Male and female DNA come together during coitus when the male (sperms) gametes and female (ovum) gametes fuse, which in turn result in a unique genetic combination in the resulting offspring. Thereby the genetic material of the offspring is derived from both the parents in almost the same amount. This genetic material is found in the nucleus of each individual.

Comparing this DNA sequence of the offspring with either of the parents can confirm the parentage of the offspring. The comparison is made by looking into specific sequences, and made sure whether they have been copied from a particular individual or not.

Besides this DNA in the nucleus, another organelle within the cell, the cell mitochondria, also contains a type of DNA which is again unique for each individual, but DNA found in cell mitochondria can only be used to establish maternity.

Is It full-proof?

During DNA testing for finding out the paternity, there is a 0% match for off-springs who are biologically not related to the parent, whereas if the match is more than 99% the child is the biological offspring of the parent. This is because of the distinct set of genes in each individual.

DNA testing or paternity testing is the surest way of confirming the lineage of a child and solves a lot of legal problem.

Other celebrity DNA cases

Oprah Winfrey is possibly one of the greatest names in contemporary TV history. American by birth, this woman of such remarkable talent has a name that is known throughout the world. She is one of the richest women of the 20th century and has always been described with positive terms such as charismatic and a benefactor to the needy. However, her roots are somewhat vague and shrouded in ambiguity. News of a man claiming to be her father has made the news with the man demanding a paternity DNA test to prove his claim. Read Oprah’s paternity story.