Oprah Winfrey is possibly of the greatest names in contemporary TV history. American by birth, this woman of such remarkable talent has a name that is known throughout the world. She is one of the richest women of the 20th century and has always been described with positive terms such as charismatic and a benefactor to the needy. However, her roots are somewhat vague and shrouded in ambiguity. News of a man claiming to be her father has made the news with the man demanding a paternity DNA test to prove his claim.

Oprah Winfrey was born in Mississippi, USA and was the daughter of a single mother. The family was poor and beside the many hardships endured, Oprah was the victim of a rape attack at the age of nine. She later went to live with a man, Vernon, whom she considered her father but who bared no biological relationship to her. A biography simply called Oprah on Oprah Winfrey was written by Kitty Kelley but is still classified as an unauthorized biography which has drawn much media attention and criticism. The biographer has investigated the secrets of Oprah and delved into sensitive issue such as her sexual life and the lingering questions regarding the paternity of her father.

One secret the biography did reveal was that the man she went to live with when she was a young teen ager, Vernon, was not Winfrey’s true biological father and that, further to this, Kelley claims Katherine Esters, a cousin of Oprah revealed the name of the man who was likely to be Winfrey’s biological father.

An ex-war veteran who is now 84 years old has come forward claiming to be the father of Oprah Winfrey. He has asked that the Show Star take a paternity test. The alleged father mentioned in the biography of Kelley is Noah Robinson. Speculations are now ripe and there is a lot of media focus and attention on the issues. The 84 year old alleged father has of course emphasized that he does not want a penny from Oprah. The TV star has had claims from others in the past who wanted a new roof over their heads saying that they were Winfrey’s father but none of these claims ever came to anything.

A paternity DNA test can establish with accuracy whether the alleged father is Oprah’s true biological father without shadow of a doubt. The DNA test will show an inclusion rate of 99.99% if the man is to be confirmed as the true biological father. If he is not Oprah Winfrey‘s father, the paternity test result will exclude him with 100% probability.