Will there be a paternity test? Good news for all Justin Bieber fans, Mariah Yeater has dismissed her paternal lawsuit against Bieber. Earlier, Yeater, 20 has alleged that Justin is the father of her 4 month old son. But it seems that all is going to be well in Bieber’s paradise, as Yeater has quietly taken her lawsuit back. But at the same time, Bieber has in fact taken Paternity Test and now both the parties are waiting for the result.

1. The lawsuit filed by Yeater

Yeater, who claims be Justin’s fan has alleged that she went to watch his concert in Los Angeles last October where she met him backstage. According to her, there was mutual admiration and infatuation among the two and Justin pursued her to come to a quiet place where they can spend some time alone. The long interaction between them apparently lead to the birth of Yeater’s 4-month-old son.

She has demanded child support from Justin and filed a lawsuit recently, claiming that she could prove that Justin is her child’s father.

2. Justin’s take

Justin has calmly but vehemently denied the accusations. He has even said that he has never met Yeater. His lawyer threatened legal action against Yeater which might have prompted her to take back her accusations.
But troubles for Justin aren’t over yet. Since the gossip surfaced, Justin has received death threats which have forced his lawyers to ask him for a paternity test.
This test would apparently prove his innocence to his fans and media who are ridiculing his act. It is also speculated that Justin has agreed for a paternity test as his lawyer, Jeffery Leving has entered into an out-of court settlement which would involve Justin undertaking the DNA test and its result would determine the future course of action.

But till then, Justin Bieber’s fans will have to bite their nails and wait for the latest drama to unfold once the paternity test results come out.

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