Ozzy Osbourne has had a DNA test to unfold the mysteries of his ancestor’s origins. The heavy metal singer has sold over 100 million records worldwide and goes down as one of the biggest names in the world of heavy metal. He is known for his eccentricities, his extensive drug use and alcohol abuse as well as his comparatively quasi-perfect health.

Using state of the art technology and a sample of Ozzy’s blood taken from his home in Buckinghamshire, England, an ancestry test was carried out to trace the origins of the heavy metal star. Not surprisingly to many people, given Ozzy’s disposition and demeanor is that he is a descendant of the Neanderthal man. The DNA test gave even more interesting information; perhaps part of Ozzy’s DNA comes from the Neanderthal cave man but other parts of his DNA are traceable to a very different source. In fact, DNA testing has shown he is a distant relative of Tsar Nicholas II and King George I. Much interest has been sparked and many people are now doing DNA ancestry tests in order to find out more about their ancestors.

Ozzy: Alcohol Consumption

It cannot be denied- Ozzy has over done it more than a few times on the alcohol, in fact, a life style akin to that of a dipsomaniac. The DNA test showed that Ozzy carried a special variation a gene that the body uses to break down alcohol. This would explain how the star has survived binging on a couple of bottles of cognac in a night. This gene, ADH4, makes his body very able, in fact far more able than the average human body of breaking alcohol down, but also makes him highly addicted to the liquid.

Genome mapping, DNA testing and DNA testing for ancestry are all inter-related and of growing interest even to the average person such as me or you.Ozzy Osbourne’s DNA test has proved indeed fun and interesting.