NBA player, LeBron Raymone James, simply known by his first name, may need to take a paternity test. A lawyer who practices in Washington has come forward claiming to have had an affair with LeBron’s mother in 1984 and that she was left pregnant with LeBron from this affair. He has compiled his case and will present it in court so as to get the paternity DNA test that will prove he is the biological father of LeBron.

LeBron’s alleged father Leicester Bryce Stovell is suing his son for the astounding sum of 4 million $. He has been pressing for the test since 2007 and moreover, claims that LeBron and his mother, Gloria James have concealed that fact that Stovell was the biological father. A paternity test was carried out in 2007 but the result was an exclusion; meaning Stovell was excluded as being the biological father. However, the 55 year old lawyer says he is certain that Gloria cheated so as to alter the results and that both her and LeBron were in agreement on this. He says that he specifically remembers Gloria informing him when she was pregnant, telling him that he was the father and that she intended naming the child LeBron. He alleges that Gloria James went as far as to threaten him in order to keep him out of his son’s life and that she has committed fraud in her attempt at knowingly concealing the identity of LeBron’s father.

Gloria James had previously named who she thought was the biological father of the child- Anthony McCelland. However, Frederick Nance, attorney for Gloria James, says that a paternity test had already been carried out and that it excluded McClelland as the father. Stovell will be presenting his own case as a legal practitioner hoping that he will get a court ordered paternity test.

A court ordered paternity test can be requested by either the mother of the alleged father. Usually people seeking such tests want to solve visitation disputes, have their children get their legal rights and get financial support.

Paternity DNA testing has become a sound legal tool that is now the standard, accepted means to establish who the biological father of a child is. LeBron James is just one of many celebrities who have been involved in such cases. Tiger Woods, Mel Gibson and a host of other, besides Lebron, have been involved in paternity disputes that have been solved thanks to the accuracy and reliability of paternity testing.