Another famous person requiring a DNA paternity test is world-famed chess player Bobby Fischer. Fischer however, died in 2008 and thus, his body will need to be exhumed in order to get a DNA sample from him.

Under such circumstances, a DNA paternity test is a necessity . The girl who has come forward claiming Fischer to be her real father is a nine year old Philippine- Jinky Young. The girl is being represented by lawyer Thordur Bogason who has provided evidence to prove that there had been considerable contact between Bobby Fischer and his alleged daughter and thus, providing grounds for a DNA paternity test. In fact, in his last year of life, Bogason has shown the court how Fischer had sent a large sum of money to the girl and her mother on five different occasions. Moreover, the girl’s mother, Marilyn Young and her daughter had also flown to Iceland to meet Fischer a number of times.

Fischer is definitely not the first or last celebrity figure who has been involved in paternity disputes. Others include James Lebron and famous actors and singers such as Eddia Murphy and Justin Bieber.

The little girl is of course not the sole person involved in the court case; the chess player’s relatives and his long term partner are also trying to establish their claim on his estate. If the home paternity test shows Young to be Fischer’s biological daughter, she will be legally entitled to a substantial part of his assets. Yinky and Marilyn have flow to Iceland to provide blood samples for the paternity test; the blood is currently being stored in a hospital until everything is finalized and the testing can go ahead.

In most paternity tests, the mother’s samples are included- this allows for a stronger, more accurate result. By having the mother’s sample, her share of genetic inheritance can be excluded and scientists can work with the genes that have solely been inherited from the father. A paternity test can be as accurate as a 99.99% inclusion of paternity which means the alleged father is definitely the child’s biological dad. If the father tested is not the child’s alleged father, he will be excluded with a 100% probability.

Bobby Fischer has been buried for a number of years now and DNA sampling from a corpse is somewhat different and normally requires using bone samples. The paternity DNA test results is however, equally reliable as long as the DNA can be extracted from the sample.