Immigration DNA tests are necessary in regulating the influx of people trying to come into a new country. There are various documents and requirements necessary to apply as an immigrant to your country of choice.

However, common among many countries, you would be required to provide the immigration authority with your own sufficient DNA evidence. This is important in ensuring that you are biologically related to the sponsor who has sponsored the immigration. In some cases, there would be a sibling relationship between immigrant and sponsor.

Attempting a DNA Test to Prove Sibling Relationship

You and your sibling would have inherited similar genetic traits from the same set of parents, which means that your biological relationship could be established through a DNA test. As such, many would expect the test results to be automatically on the high percentage.

For standard paternity testing, the results are either a 99% or higher chance of match, confirming paternity, or a 0% chance when there is no match at all. But test results are not as black-and-white when it comes to sibling DNA tests.

When undergoing a sibling DNA test, the results could fall anywhere between a 0% to 99% probability of a match. In the context of your application to be an immigrant, the government would acknowledge a DNA test that shows a probability of a match of 90% or higher.

In case you receive an accuracy grade of 89% and below, or as low as 10% it is suggested to test  more relatives to the analysis (e.g. the mother) or else testing more loci to improve further the accuracy of the result upwards or downwards.

However, if the results you received show a grade accuracy of 9% or lower, your immigration application might be automatically rejected.

Sibling DNA Testing for Immigration Authorization

As it is, the process for immigration is already a complicated procedure that requires you to do every step as correctly and accurately as possible. Many people consider engaging with a solicitor who can help you in the process and guide you through every procedure, preventing you from making unnecessary mistakes.

When it comes to undergoing a sibling DNA test for your immigration requirement, here are some of the most important points you should remember:

  • Make sure that you choose a DNA testing facility that is accredited by the Ministry of Justice.

  • Remember that it is possible to specifically request for a Ministry of Justice laboratory to conduct the sibling DNA testing as long as it is not part of your passport application process.

  • For your passport application, the procedure would involve scheduling a test with a specific laboratory at a particular date.

  • If your mother is available to be tested, it is wiser to include her DNA sample in the testing procedure to improve the DNA test’s accuracy rating.

  • Choose a DNA testing facility that conducts as many genetic markers in their tests as possible. More tests often means more chances of a match. As a rule of thumb, never choose a laboratory that only uses less than 20 markers for testing.

Consider homeDNAdirect For Your DNA Testing Needs

The entire immigration process can be a nerve-racking experience, and for many people, the required sibling DNA test does not make it any easier. There would always be the feeling of intense pressure in making sure that every step was done correctly, and the fear of failing the DNA test sometimes adds to the anxiety.

To alleviate your concerns, it is very crucial to choose a reliable testing facility that could guarantee the success of your DNA testing procedure. Through homeDNAdirect we can help process your immigration DNA testing requirements through the DNA testing facility required for your needs.